Meet Suzanna Doyle

October 1, 2009

Hello, My name is Emily Doyle, this is me:


Well, this will be me, technically I am not even born yet. I wanted to tell you the story about my family starting with my great great great grandmother, Suzanna Doyle.


She moved here from Pleasantview where she lived on a farm with her mother and father. Her uncle helped out on the farm and one night in the barn, he had been drinking and he started talking about how his wife looked just like her when they had met. He kept talking and kept drinking and then his mood changed. Now he wasn’t longing for his wife and the good ol’ days, but he was angry about how she left, he wanted to punish her. Suzanna was able to get away from him at first but he cornered her in a stall and forced himself onto her. He was calling out “Caroline, why did you leave me, Caroline.” Once it was all over, he passed out and she managed to get back to the house. Her parents were at the county fair in the next town and were unreachable. She cried in the shower and got dressed but could not shake the feeling of being dirty. A few hours later, she heard her uncle calling her from the barn. She knew she had to get away so she grabbed her guitar and left for the big city.

After weeks of walking, she found herself at Sunset Valley. It looked like a promising city for her to start a new life and put the past behind her.


Suzanna did not have enough money to get a place of her own but she was determined to have nothing to do with her family again so she would rather sleep on the streets until she could afford a place of her own than call and ask for help. She found an abandoned piece of undeveloped property that she was able to spend her last bit of money on. She would have to save up and build a house of her own and until then she would be homeless. She found a bench in the park that was covered by a tree and it looked like the perfect place to sleep for the night. The smell of violets helped put her to sleep.


When she woke up, her stomach started rumbling. She didn’t have any cash left so she kept her eye out for any signs of fruit. An apple tree in the park was ripe for the picking. She ate two apples and saved the rest for later.


 She wanted to spend the day exploring the city. She found the Doo Peas Corporate Tower was right down the street from where she slept. She wasn’t able to see it in the middle of the night. She was ambitious and had dreams of becoming a CEO of a company but she would never have an opportunity to do that in the small town of Pleasantville. After day dreaming for a minute she came to and saw a help wanted sign in the window. She thought it would be a slim chance that they would hire a shy girl from a small town, but they needed a Coffee Courier and they needed one NOW. She got the job and she starts tomorrow. The lady at the front desk was really kind to her and let Suzanna know that she should clean herself up before showing up to work the next day if she wanted to keep the job.


She headed back with her apples and decided to plant one and have a tree for later. She had a green thumb and her experience on the farm should be no problem for growing trees and having food in the future.


That night she slept in the park again and dreamed about her new life. When she woke up in the morning, she could smell that she hadn’t used a shower in days. There was a small run down gym in town that didn’t charge any fees to use. She headed for the shower and was pleased to use a real toilet for the first time.


At work, she realized how tough this new job was going to be. She had been somewhat of a loaner before but after what her uncle did to her, she had no trust for men. Being around people all day brought her mood down and she had a hard time making friends with her boss.

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One Response to “Meet Suzanna Doyle”

  1. ~Sam's A Ninja~ Says:

    It’s interesting, but watch your grammar. Tenses and spelling and whatnot. Good luck with the story!

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