Guitar and Apples

October 5, 2009

Friday night, Suzanna decided that she needed to spend her first paycheck on a bed. She wouldn’t be able to succeed at work without a full night sleep in a real bed. Although the delivery guy looked at her funny when he dropped the bed off in an empty lot, she explained that she was in the movie business and they would be blowing the bed up and needed the space. Once the guy heard that, he was less careful unloading the bed and even put a scratch in the headboard. She practiced her guitar before heading to sleep in the new bed.


That weekend, Suzanna spent time practicing her guitar in the park. That was the only thing she wanted to keep from her old life. She still wasn’t great at it, but she found nothing better than playing in the park with the fresh air and the wildlife around.


And if she stayed around long enough, people would leave their picnics on the ground. She only ate a few bites until she found a trail of ants heading straight for the basket. Since she hadn’t eaten much since she got into town, those few bites made her quite full.


As the days passed by, she kept practicing her guitar and working in her garden. She rationed with herself that plants would grow better if you talked to them, but the neighbors just thought she was crazy.


At the gym, she showered and got ready for the day. A blonde stranger came up to her and started chatting away. She felt a little sick to her stomach staring at the eyes of this man in front of her. She had grown up respecting people and didn’t want to just blow this guy off so she swallowed the knot in her stomach and listened politely until she found a chance to excuse herself. Suzanna couldn’t help but think about her tree and how her conversations with it were more enjoyable, the tree didn’t give her the creeps.


The next morning, she found all her conversations worked, she finally had paid off. She had nice juicy apples on her tree. She wanted to take some to the neighbors and rub her success in their faces but that would mean talking to people and she wasn’t really comfortable with that either so she just ate them with a large grin on her face.


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