New Face in Town

October 6, 2009

After a long hard day at work. Suzanna was given a $5 raise and then promoted before she walked out the door. She was no longer just the coffee girl anymore, she was a filing clerk. Working so hard left her feeling grungy so she went to the gym to shower.

One of the employees stopped her when she came out of the shower. He told her she would need to find another halfway house to do her cleaning. She doesn’t come in there to work out or spend any money and they were tired of her mooching. She broke down into tears and explained her situation and how she needed a place to take a warm shower so she could keep her job and afford to move into an actual house. The man agreed to let her keep using the facilities on one condition; she had to go out to dinner with him. She agreed but she suddenly had a bad feeling in her stomach. She managed to hold down her lunch and she politly introduced herself. He shook her hand and said his name was Blane.


At dinner they talked about their lives. She told him all about growing up on a farm failed to mention anything about her uncle and why she moved to the city; he didn’t ask. He told her he had also recently moved here and lives with his two roommates Kevin and Jackson. This was the first hot meal she had eaten since she left home and she ate every bite of it. At the end of the night, she thanked him not only for the meal but for letting her shower at the gym. He went in for a hug and she felt obligated to hug back but she felt uneasy, she barely knew him. She said goodnight and went to call a taxi when he called back to her “I’ll be seeing you.” At that time she thought it was an evening pleasantry, she didn’t realize that it was actually a threat.


The next morning she read through the paper and found a coupon worth saving, it would give her 5 simoleons off potatoes. She wanted to get some so she could plant them in her garden.


She had several errands to run but decided to use her coupon first and buy her potatoes; she also got grapes and tomatoes to plant in her garden later when she got home.


While she was in the area she stopped by the library to check out a book her boss wanted her to read in order to put her in the running for a promotion. She loved reading but rarely got a chance to do it with all the work she was trying to do now to save up a house. She hoped to have a large library in her home someday. She found the book she had to read for her boss but on her way to a chair she found a book she had been reading at home before she left. She decided to sit and read that book for a while first.


Once finished with that book, she put it back on a shelf and found a quiet corner to sit and read where she wouldn’t be distracted because she had to focus on this. While she was sitting there reading, Blane showed up and sat next to her. She didn’t want to be rude so she allowed him to continue to sit next to her even though he made her feel uncomfortable. She decided that it would be best to keep to herself and just finish reading her book.


<<Guitar and Apples                            Bad Experience>>


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