Bad Experience

October 7, 2009

Suzanna woke up that morning wishing to play her guitar for people in the park. She was afraid of crowds of people and preferred to play by herself but she decided that being the head of a large business would involve talking to people in large crowds and what better way to practice than to do something she loves. She went downtown to the largest park she could find and started playing. People started to gather around her and appreciated her playing. She thought she saw Marylee Charm watching but she wasn’t sure.  She saw out of the corner of her eye that Blane was watching as well. He showed interest in her again but this time kept his distance until she was done playing.


Once she finished up, he came up to her and insisted that he walk her home; it was a long way back to her house and he didn’t want her walking along that highway all by herself. She agreed because he had already picked up her guitar case for her. They talked the whole way back and Suzanna started to lose those feelings of uncertainty about him. She actually started feeling comfortable with him which was a big deal for her to trust another guy. When they made it back to her very small house, he got really close and started talking to her about how much he fancied her. She felt butterflies in her stomach. They held hands for a moment before he embraced her and hugged her. She thought they should head inside because it was getting cold outside and she wanted to show him she didn’t need to shower at the gym anymore.

Screenshot-43 Screenshot-42 Screenshot-45 Screenshot-41

There was nowhere to sit except the bed so they sat there and kept talking into the night. Blane moved closer and started cuddling. Suzanna thought it might have been a bad idea to let him on her bed so soon to getting to now him but she really had no choice with the lack of seating.


She had finally had enough and told Blane he needed to go. He started to get angry and started saying things like “Hey baby, it’s ok, I’ll go slow” and “Hey, don’t be like that.” Suzanna finally stood up and told him to get out. Blane got mad, grabbed her by the wrist, and threw her on the bed. He scooted her dress up, tore off her panties, and forced himself into her. Suzanna tried to struggle but she knew deep down that there was no fighting Blane off of her. She had failed the last time this happened with her uncle.


She just lay there crying after it was over and Blane had left. She curled on her side and pulled the covers over her head and shut out the world. The next morning she woke up and felt sick to her stomach from the night before. The same bad feeling she had from when she met Blane was back however this time there was no keeping it down.


<<New Face in Town Expecting and the Unexpected>>



2 Responses to “Bad Experience”

  1. woah.... Says:

    this is so sad and kinda gross….

    • rhodetryp21 Says:

      I wanted to start her off with a traumatic life so the legacy would be in response to her changing and growing from this. It won’t all be like this I promise!

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