Expecting and the Unexpected

October 8, 2009

Suzanna bought something she didn’t think she would need for a long time and was hoping it would come back negative, but it didn’t. Her pregnancy test came back positive and she sank to the bathroom floor. She was barely surviving on her own but now she had to care for a child? She knew she had to let the father know but had no intention of taking any money from him, she wanted as little to do with him as possible.


After work, she called for Blane but got his roommate Kevin on the phone. She thought about leaving a message but that was too impersonal. She just started crying on the phone and Kevin suggested they meet and talk about what was bothering her. She had hung out with him before when she was over at Blane’s house but she never thought of Kevin as a friend. She really didn’t want to be alone with another guy again but saw no harm in going to the café for coffee in public where nothing bad could happen.


They talked for a few hours but she never felt comfortable enough to tell him what happened with Blane. They just talked about her home on the farm, his love of medicine, and how they had both just moved here from many miles away. When she arrived home she tried calling Blane again and convinced him to come over. He agreed and on the way figured she was going to apologize for the other night but I guess he was in for a surprise.



Telling him went very well; he got really excited and even went to feel her belly. Suzanna wasn’t sure why he was so ok with her having a baby. They are a huge emotional and financial responsibility. After a few minutes of talking she realized that Blane had no plans to take responsibility for this child. He didn’t want to raise it, he didn’t want to pay child support, and he definitely didn’t want to marry her and do the right thing. He was a man in his prime of life and didn’t want to be tied down by no wife and child. Suzanna lost it, her normal timid demeanor changed to that of a mama bear. She started to shout at him and told him to get off her property. The neighbors began to turn on their lights and look out their windows to see what the commotion was all about.

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Over the next few months, Kevin kept in touch with Suzanna to make sure she was doing ok. He never got a full story out of Blane, but he was sure that things between them had gone south because Blane had been bringing home a different girl each night for a while now and none of them had been Suzanna. Even though it was against a friend’s code to date a best friend’s ex-girlfriend, Kevin was interested in Suzanna anyway. She started to trust him after several months of talking to him on the phone and was getting butterflies when he came around. Kevin came by the house to pick up Suzanna and take her out to dinner and he couldn’t keep his feelings to himself anymore. Kevin confessed his attraction to her. Suzanna’s shoulders sank and she looked at the ground. Kevin prodded to find out what happened, what was wrong? Did she not feel the same? Suzanna told him that wasn’t it, she did feel the same however she had a secret she had been keeping from him, everyone actually. She was pregnant, she was knocked up, she had a bun in the oven. To her surprise, Kevin was happy for her.


Suzanna was ecstatic. They went to dinner and she kept smiling. She figured it had been long enough that he would have been really upset with her and she would have lost a friend. She hadn’t thought about what would happen when she had the baby but still. And she was really showing, 8 months is pretty round but she tried to hid it in her denim dress. After dinner, she couldn’t help herself and hugged Kevin.


Kevin had already known about the pregnancy because Blane told him months before but he didn’t want to say anything to her about it. He knew Blane and figured out how she had conceived and didn’t want to pressure her into anything until she was ready to talk about it. On the way back to her house they talked about what her plans were with the baby. Kevin felt that it was wrong of Blane to abandon her and that the baby needed a father. He suggested that she think about him taking on that role. She laughed at him and pushed him away coyly. He grabbed her hands and looked in her eyes.


He said he was serious. He grew up without a father and his life had been hard. He loved Suzanna and wanted to be there with her when she had that baby. Even though it wasn’t his, he would help take care of it. She asked if that was a proposal because she wasn’t ready for that, she had enough to think about having a baby and didn’t want to think about having a husband too. He said he was ok with taking it slow and just wanted to be her boyfriend for now.


They went inside and cuddled on the bed while talking about the baby. They picked out a few names that Suzanna liked for a boy or a girl.


She asked him to spend the night and they changed into their pjs. Just before going to bed, Suzanna’s water broke and Kevin had to take her to the hospital.


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  1. LIZ Says:

    i luv your story so far i cant wait for the next post

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