Over the Years

October 12, 2009

The new Mr. and Mrs. Doyle decided that it was more important to put any money they had into the house and raising their new family so they decided not to go on a honeymoon. After putting Alex to bed they had a little private honeymoon of their own to celebrate their new marriage.


Nine months after they were married, Suzanna made another trip to the hospital and came home with her second child, another son, Mark Doyle. Alex was growing so fast, it wasn’t long until he started taking his first steps.


Several years passed and their little family grew. Mark grew into a toddler and Alex was now a child. I have heard stories about my great great granduncles. Alex was on his way to being a child prodigy and Mark was always crying.


Alex love painting when he was a child. Suzanna encouraged it because she wanted portraits of the family hanging in the house. Her old family hadn’t been close but she wanted that to change. She found the love of her life in Kevin. He was gentle and understanding with her past and cared for her in a way that no man had ever done before. She decided that she wanted to start a new tradition of having a close family. She also decided that she wanted a bigger house that was worthy of passing down through the generations.


Suzanna was a great mother. She was always hands-on. She loved teaching her sons to walk, talk, and use the potty. She also encouraged them to do things like play music with their xylophone.


When they built their house, they scrimped on quality so they could make their money stretch. They had only had their things for a few years before they started breaking. They were both working and Suzanna’s maternity leave was ending now so they decided to use any money they made now towards renovations. They celebrated their Anniversary by going out for a nice dinner and doing what all married couples do on their anniversary. The next morning, Suzanna realized that their plans for house renovations would have to be put on hold when she felt a familiar sickness in her stomach.


For any of those who are wondering, here is a small shot of my house now. There is a bathroom to the right and a bedroom with a double and a single bed to the left. I’m not much of a house designer so I don’t usually focus on designing something aesthetically pleasing but it’s functional. If I have to use this house for 10 generations, I’ll probably work on making this house look nicer.


(I have officially figured out how to influence the sex of the babies now. I have that lovely tree in the front yard that keeps giving me apples to eat. They are quick and easy and filling so I like giving them to my Sims. Hah, they also make you have a boy! Having a matriarchy legacy makes it important to have girls and well, boys don’t help my story progress one bit! Ok, glad I got that all figured out.)

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2 Responses to “Over the Years”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Well, I hope she’ll be having a girl next then! I can’t wait to find out the next chapter. 🙂

  2. Am Says:

    Aww! Congrats on Alex and Mark! Fingers crossed next ones a girl though! XD

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