Finally, an Heir

October 13, 2009

Suzanna went to the hospital late one night and prepared for her 3rd child. She did not however, prepare for her 4th child. She came home with twin girls.

Meet Isabella and Christy Doyle.


It didn’t take long for the girls to grow into toddlers. Even though Kevin had red hair and Suzanna had brown, Christy grew up with blonde hair. Her other three siblings have brown hair like their mother.


Shortly after the girls became toddlers, Mark grew out of diapers and Alex grew into a teenager. The boys got their own room in the corner of the house and what little money they had that was going to go towards renovating the house instead went to buying two sets of everything for the twins and expanding the house so there was enough room for 6 people in the house. There wasn’t even money spend on a cake for Alex when he became a teen.


With Suzanna’s maternity leave over, Alex step up and started helping out with the twins. Mark liked spending time alone and playing chess because it got him away from screaming babies.


Mark did help out around the house when there were messes. He couldn’t stand being around mess and he wanted to help out his dad when things broke. It was a very common occurrence to have someone working on the plumbing and to see Mark mopping up behind them.


Kevin always found time for his girls. He was very busy becoming a great doctor and was climbing the ladder quickly. He was a hard worker and the long hours didn’t bother him except that he wasn’t around to see his girls grow up. At least he was able to help with Isabella’s first steps.

Screenshot-103 Screenshot-104

Alex still had a passion for painting when he grew older. Suzanna was going to hire an artist to paint her portrait but decided she would let Alex try. The first one didn’t turn out too well so he painted a second one hoping his skills would improve enough to get a decent photo before she turned into an elder.


Bonus photos:

Isabella was playing with the xylophone and decided to shove the stick in her eye.


 On Suzanna’s way to work, she got stuck on Christy.


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2 Responses to “Finally, an Heir”

  1. Am Says:

    Cool! Congrats on Isabella and Christy!! Pretty cool surprise for her when suddenly she had 2 girls instead of 1! haha!

  2. Nicole Says:

    That’s so funny with those extra pictures… I get weird scenes like that too… 🙂

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