Gordon Loadsworth

October 13, 2009

Meet Gordon Loadsworth


Gordon likes watching sports.


He really likes watching sports.


One day the paper boy threw a paper a little too hard and broke a window. Gordon tried to run after the kid to make him pay for the window but he could barely get off the couch. He started to run out the front door when he started gasping for air and collapsed on the lawn. He stared at the sky and had a vision. Now it may have been from the lack of oxygen to his brain but he swears that a large soccer ball came down and told him that he needed to get into shape. Then a baseball came down and told him he needed to get a job. A football told him he should become the next athletic star. Then a hockey puck flew in and knocked him out. Now, Gordon swears that is what happened, however I saw it, he was just passed out on the lawn from being over worked. Anyway, when he woke up a few hours later, he took a taxi to his local stadium and got a job as a Rabid Fan.


Before his first day, he wanted to get into a little better shape than the Pillsbury doughboy so he turned on Sims of Steel and worked out for 20 minutes before crashing on the couch and turning on regional championship curling match.

Screenshot-109 Screenshot-110

Screenshot-111 Screenshot-112

It was only a matter of time until they promoted him Snack Hawker and he needed to work on his upper body strength so he could throw those peanuts. However, the money he earned as a fan didn’t pay for much. I decided to sell his end table and buy him a treadmill.


Gordon was extremly happy that he had room for his treadmill in the house because he really wasn’t very good at running yet.




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One Response to “Gordon Loadsworth”

  1. Very well done. Is your blog just you writing? Nicely done, Steven.

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