Gordon Loadsworth

October 13, 2009

After about a week of that, he started to show improvement and started moving up the sports ladder to Toddler Sports Coach. He worked out for a bit when he came home from work but he liked to take a break and watch Sim of Cakes before bed.


After a few more sessions on the treadmill he was starting to look decent. He was at least able to stay upright.


Gordon got a opportunity to become a better coach by reading the book “When to Rave and When to Riot.” The toddlers have a serious rioting problem when they lose so Gordon learned how to handle that problem by reading the book and passing the information on to his team. He also had the opportunity to register the team at town hall, but I didn’t take a picture of that. Paperwork, red tape, the man…yeah, not really interesting stuff to photograph. However, him reading, now that was important.


At this point, Gordon seemed to like working out and had wishes about advancing his skill. He became competitive and one day got a notice about a chess match in the park. As soon as he got off work, I sent him down to the park and as soon as he sat down, the notice came through that the competition was over. That didn’t stop our new Minor Leaguer from playing an old man before heading home.


Tragedy stuck the Red Rabbits when their star player broke his foot trying to show off on his unicycle. Long story short, Gordon got pulled up to the majors. He was now the Rookie. Such a nice promotion and it came with a new uniform. Gordon autonimously checked himself out in the mirror and I caught this glamour shot.



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  1. Very well done. Is your blog just you writing? Nicely done, Steven.

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