Gordon Loadsworth

October 13, 2009

As Gordon moved up the sports ladder, he found a new challenge to over-come. He now had to beat ladies off with a stick.


“I prefer using a hockey stick myself, that way the ladies don’t actually get close enough to touch me” This was a co-worker but I forget her name.


As lazy as Gordon was supposed to be, he ran enough on the treadmill to get the marathon runner and fitness nut. Now he wanted to be ripped so I traded in his treadmill for the workout machine.


It wasn’t long after that Gordon got promoted to starter. With his new job came a new carpool. He started going to work in style with this nice fancy truck. As with all big, fancy, waste-of-money trucks, this one did not live up to its full dirt roading potential, I never once saw it dirty!


Now that he was a starter, he had to start playing in games. He called his lady friend to calm his nerves. It obviously worked because he won the game 12-0.


His next day at work, they celebrated his victory and named him Team Captain. He got a new warm-up uniform with his number 01 on it. With his bonus money, I decided to renovate his bathroom. Now the toilet will never break and he can shower OR take a bath. And after a long day playing Simball at Sim Stadium, who doesn’t want to relax in the tub with a good book? Oh right, he’s a guy…


Gordon decided that he needed to work on his public speaking skills. “How did I become so great? I drink Sim Cola every day!” Sorry Gordon, you aren’t in the running for any sponsorships yet, but if you wish to get a charisma skill, I’ll let you.


With great fame and success comes lack of responsibility. Gordon spent so much on his new bathroom that when it came time to pay bills, he didn’t quite have enough money. I decided to have him go to work and then he would pay them when he came home. Well, he got off work and Desperate Simwives was on and he couldn’t miss that. Anyway, soon it got too late and he got a notice saying that they would repossess some of his belongings.


Gordon was bummed out all day at work but that quickly went away when he got promoted to League MVP. Take that repo man! I’ll buy new stuff. So Gordon redecorated his living room. Also, when he got home, he found a certificate of achievement in the athletic skill department in the mail which he mounted on his wall. Being close to the end of this challenge, I let him think for his own autonomously and his lazy ways came out. You can’t take the little fat guy out of Gordon, he loves himself a hamburger.



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One Response to “Gordon Loadsworth”

  1. Very well done. Is your blog just you writing? Nicely done, Steven.

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