Gordon Loadsworth

October 13, 2009

A few days later he got his second to last promotion and it went to his head. Gordon was now a sports Superstar. And like all superstars, he got fat again. So here is Gordon with no taste but lots of extra weight. (Remember when he looked so good playing in that chess match, all nice and buff?)


With a few days off and lots of extra cash laying around, I fulfilled yet another of Gordon’s wishes by letting him buy a video game machine. Now he can play video games of himself playing Simball.


Now that he was a big shot super star, when he left for work, he rode in style.


When Gordon got home, he realized that his TV had gone out. He wished he had some mechanical skills so I let him fix the TV himself. I was hoping he wouldn’t electricute himself because he was so close to the finish line and I didn’t want him to die and I’d have to start over. However, he fixed it just fine.


After feeling like a man and playing with tools, Gordon wished to upgrade his things. I wasn’t about to tell him “No Gordon, you cannot upgrade your toilet to self cleaning, you can’t make your shower unbreakable.” Heck no, I let him!


And I think it was two uneventful days later that he got promoted again to Sports Legend. For being such a loser thus far, he was really happy about becomming a legend. And now that he was a legend, he didn’t really care about his physical appearance. It just goes to show you that a fat lazy couch potato really CAN crawl and wheeze themselves to the top of the sports ladder!



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One Response to “Gordon Loadsworth”

  1. Very well done. Is your blog just you writing? Nicely done, Steven.

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