Family Time

October 21, 2009

As the girls got older, they got more responsibility around the house. Christy almost always wished to clean the bed and Isabella cleaned up her toys without being told.


With her children doing chores around the house, it freed up time for her to play her guitar. She hadn’t been playing it since she had her children. With work and raising kids, she had a full plate. Now that she had two teenagers and two in elementary school, she had more time on her hands to focus on work and guitar.


Kevin needed to focus on his logic skills for work and Mark loved playing chess so they played together. When they played, it was as if the world stopped turning. They forgot to go to work, go to school, eat, sleep, and even getting up for the bathroom was too time consuming. So, Susanna kept them on a schedule and wouldn’t let them play late into the night anymore.


Alex was interested in fixing things around the house now that he was older. He even brought the old computer down from the attic to work on. It had been Kevin’s from before they were married. It hadn’t worked in years so Alex thought he would work on it and then the girls could have it in their room to help with homework.


Suzanna was an elder now, and she realized that her days are numbered. She wanted to help bring the family closer in her final years, so she started cooking breakfast in the morning and they ate as a family; those who were up in time anyway.


With a computer in her room, Isabella found that she had a talent and a passion for writing. She hadn’t started writing a book yet, but she was working on perfecting her writing skills and deciding what kind of book she would like to write.


As Christy grew older, she became more neurotic. When in the bathroom, she washed her hands twice after using the toilet. She hadn’t actually checked the stove yet, but she thought about it.


Bonus: Christy in her pjs. Where are her pants?!? I built my sim parents and got to choose what they wore, but the kids I haven’t touched. I didn’t want to spend money on clothes just yet so they were all going to wear what they were going to wear until the girls became old enough to choose an heir and then I would work on hair and make-up. But panties for pjs? No…no no…’re 6!


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One Response to “Family Time”

  1. tipix7 Says:

    Aw Christy is a cutie 😉 I kinda wish I had some neurotic sims, obsolete as that term is. It’d be so fun to write for them.

    The way that you introduced the legacy with Emily is really original & I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out!

    Thanks for linking btw, I’ve linked back 🙂

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