Teens and Goals

October 22, 2009

Suzanna was glad that all of her children were in school. She hadn’t worked on her dream of becoming a CEO with all the maternity leave and raising her kids, but now that they were all off at school during the day, she was able to focus on work and keep moving up the corporate ladder.


Several years later, Alex was graduating from high school just as the twins were going to start. In honor of this change, Suzanna thought she’d throw a party to welcome her children into their next stage of life, not quite a birthday because they were born at different times of the year, but a graduation party of sorts. She didn’t grow up celebrating the graduation of middle school but thought that throwing a party would be a good chance to catch up with her co-workers.


After mingling with her co-workers, she told Alex it was time to blow out the candles and make a wish for his adult life. He blew out the candles and held onto that wish to max out his painting skills and his guitar skills.


Suzanna watched her girls talk to the guests and she realized they were nearly all grown up. They were definitely not children anymore. As her guests started to leave and thanked her for the party, she started cleaning the house. While doing dishes, Suzanna thought to herself that she had never spent some girl time with her daughters and decided to take them out shopping for new clothes the next day. First stop was the salon where the girls got new hair cuts and make up.

Christy got a shorter cut and blue make-up that her mom said was too much. Christy insisted that when she wasn’t standing in her face, her mother would see that it wasn’t so bad from a few feet away. This was the first time Suzanna let the girls express themselves in their clothing and hair so she let it slide this once.


Suzanna was very happy with Isabella’s choice to keep her long hair. The straightened it and styled it, but she still had a cut similar to her mother. Her make-up also looked better from a few feet away but she convinced Isabella to wipe some of it off once they got home.


Next stop was the mall for clothing. Christy picked out a top, shirt, and shoes. The top and skirt were custom fitted for her and she got to help pick the colors. Her favorite color is gray so she went with a blue and gray theme for her outfit.


Isabella got a custom fitted dress and tennis shoes that matched.


Once the girls got home, Christy proceeded to check the faucet before washing her hands three times.


Now that Alex was an adult, he started thinking about what he wanted to do with his life. He would love to be an artist and raise a family but had no prospects for a wife. He remembered seeing a cute nice young woman at his party. She was a co-worker that just got hired on to help while his mom was on maternity leave. He called her over to see if she wanted to hang out.


Alex spent several hours talking to his new friend and he started to fancy her. Before he had a chance to share his feelings, she left suddenly without saying a word to him.


When Suzanna came home the next day, her face was beaming. After her hard upbringing, the sudden move to the city, the sleeping on park benches, and any other hardship she had face, she had finally made it. She got promoted to CEO. Suzanna finally reached her life time goal and now it was time to start thinking about her children’s future instead of focusing all her energies on work.



Bonus: Sorry, I don’t have any photos but I do want to give you a side note. Christy is no longer walking around in her undies. I gave her a full length robe to make up for her peep show when she was 7. And I now found that you don’t have to pay for clothes, just a dresser so I’m really excited about clothes for my Sims now.

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4 Responses to “Teens and Goals”

  1. tipix7 Says:

    I love that feature about the sims3! Makeover time for simmies after their bdays is always fun 🙂 loved hearing about the children in this chapter, any thoughts on your heir?

    • rhodetryp21 Says:

      Do you mean which will be the heir? I actually have the names picked out for all 10 of my sim generations. I know it takes some of the magic and suprises of The Sims 3 out of my legacy, and would also be messed up if my sim accidently died, but all my Heir’s initials will spell out something special. I guess if I get twins again, I’ll have to keep their names with the same initials to keep the suprise of who the heir will be.

      • tipix7 Says:

        Talk about planning! I don’t even plan names for the simbabies when my sims get pregnant- they just pop one day and have to make something up on the spot!

        Well, now I’m excited to see what the names spell!

  2. Mette Thorhauge Says:

    I realy like your story ^^;; i makes me want to write somthing about my sims too.

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