New Leaf

October 9, 2009

Kevin was freaking out but Suzanna’s mommy instincts kicked in and she dragged him to the hospital with her. In the taxi she started having bad contractions and she just barely made it into the hospital to check in before going into labor. When Kevin was rushing her in, Blane happened to catch all the commotion while he was walking around the town. This child was his too so he decided to go in and see about his baby.


After several hours of labor, Suzanna had a baby boy.

Alex Doyle


Blane wanted to see his child but didn’t want to cause a commotion in the hospital so he just lurked in the shadows and followed Suzanna and the baby out of the hospital. Just before her cab took off to go home, he jumped in the back seat and rode back to her house with them.


Back at the house Suzanna’s hormones kicked in and she turned into mama bear. She told him that he had nothing to do with her during the pregnancy and she wanted nothing to do with him now. He was trash and he wasn’t about to ruin their son with his sleazy ways. She had a new man in her life that actually wanted to be responsible and help raise her son. Blane jumped back at that comment, who was this new man in her life? She told him that Kevin loved her and she loved him and they were going to be a family together. Then she called his mother a llama.


Blane finally left and agreed to leave her alone. Kevin hung back at the hospital to collect her belongings and buy Alex a stuffed bear. He came into the fight right at the time when Suzanna confessed her love for him to Blane. She had never told Kevin that before even though he had and he told her that he was willing to wait for her. Suzanna admitted that the last few months when he helped take care of her were the happiest she had been in a long time. She felt safe with him. She told him to wait outside while she put the baby in the crib. When she came out before he was able to say anything to her, she planted a kiss on him and held him close.


Kevin told Suzanna that he truly loved her and he had been thinking for the past few months that this new baby really was going to need a father and that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. He knew that she wasn’t ready for a huge commitment but he wanted to be engaged to her. Suzanna kissed him again and told him that she wanted to live with him the rest of her life as well. Not only did she love the idea of getting engaged, she thought they should get married right then and there. Why put it off when they could start their family tonight. They hired a sitter and went down to the beach behind the estate property and had a private ceremony before the sun set.


Meet Suzanna Doyle and her new husband, Kevin Doyle.


<< Expecting and the Unexpected      Over the Years >>


Suzanna bought something she didn’t think she would need for a long time and was hoping it would come back negative, but it didn’t. Her pregnancy test came back positive and she sank to the bathroom floor. She was barely surviving on her own but now she had to care for a child? She knew she had to let the father know but had no intention of taking any money from him, she wanted as little to do with him as possible.


After work, she called for Blane but got his roommate Kevin on the phone. She thought about leaving a message but that was too impersonal. She just started crying on the phone and Kevin suggested they meet and talk about what was bothering her. She had hung out with him before when she was over at Blane’s house but she never thought of Kevin as a friend. She really didn’t want to be alone with another guy again but saw no harm in going to the café for coffee in public where nothing bad could happen.


They talked for a few hours but she never felt comfortable enough to tell him what happened with Blane. They just talked about her home on the farm, his love of medicine, and how they had both just moved here from many miles away. When she arrived home she tried calling Blane again and convinced him to come over. He agreed and on the way figured she was going to apologize for the other night but I guess he was in for a surprise.



Telling him went very well; he got really excited and even went to feel her belly. Suzanna wasn’t sure why he was so ok with her having a baby. They are a huge emotional and financial responsibility. After a few minutes of talking she realized that Blane had no plans to take responsibility for this child. He didn’t want to raise it, he didn’t want to pay child support, and he definitely didn’t want to marry her and do the right thing. He was a man in his prime of life and didn’t want to be tied down by no wife and child. Suzanna lost it, her normal timid demeanor changed to that of a mama bear. She started to shout at him and told him to get off her property. The neighbors began to turn on their lights and look out their windows to see what the commotion was all about.

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Over the next few months, Kevin kept in touch with Suzanna to make sure she was doing ok. He never got a full story out of Blane, but he was sure that things between them had gone south because Blane had been bringing home a different girl each night for a while now and none of them had been Suzanna. Even though it was against a friend’s code to date a best friend’s ex-girlfriend, Kevin was interested in Suzanna anyway. She started to trust him after several months of talking to him on the phone and was getting butterflies when he came around. Kevin came by the house to pick up Suzanna and take her out to dinner and he couldn’t keep his feelings to himself anymore. Kevin confessed his attraction to her. Suzanna’s shoulders sank and she looked at the ground. Kevin prodded to find out what happened, what was wrong? Did she not feel the same? Suzanna told him that wasn’t it, she did feel the same however she had a secret she had been keeping from him, everyone actually. She was pregnant, she was knocked up, she had a bun in the oven. To her surprise, Kevin was happy for her.


Suzanna was ecstatic. They went to dinner and she kept smiling. She figured it had been long enough that he would have been really upset with her and she would have lost a friend. She hadn’t thought about what would happen when she had the baby but still. And she was really showing, 8 months is pretty round but she tried to hid it in her denim dress. After dinner, she couldn’t help herself and hugged Kevin.


Kevin had already known about the pregnancy because Blane told him months before but he didn’t want to say anything to her about it. He knew Blane and figured out how she had conceived and didn’t want to pressure her into anything until she was ready to talk about it. On the way back to her house they talked about what her plans were with the baby. Kevin felt that it was wrong of Blane to abandon her and that the baby needed a father. He suggested that she think about him taking on that role. She laughed at him and pushed him away coyly. He grabbed her hands and looked in her eyes.


He said he was serious. He grew up without a father and his life had been hard. He loved Suzanna and wanted to be there with her when she had that baby. Even though it wasn’t his, he would help take care of it. She asked if that was a proposal because she wasn’t ready for that, she had enough to think about having a baby and didn’t want to think about having a husband too. He said he was ok with taking it slow and just wanted to be her boyfriend for now.


They went inside and cuddled on the bed while talking about the baby. They picked out a few names that Suzanna liked for a boy or a girl.


She asked him to spend the night and they changed into their pjs. Just before going to bed, Suzanna’s water broke and Kevin had to take her to the hospital.


<< Bad Experience                               New Leaf >>

Bad Experience

October 7, 2009

Suzanna woke up that morning wishing to play her guitar for people in the park. She was afraid of crowds of people and preferred to play by herself but she decided that being the head of a large business would involve talking to people in large crowds and what better way to practice than to do something she loves. She went downtown to the largest park she could find and started playing. People started to gather around her and appreciated her playing. She thought she saw Marylee Charm watching but she wasn’t sure.  She saw out of the corner of her eye that Blane was watching as well. He showed interest in her again but this time kept his distance until she was done playing.


Once she finished up, he came up to her and insisted that he walk her home; it was a long way back to her house and he didn’t want her walking along that highway all by herself. She agreed because he had already picked up her guitar case for her. They talked the whole way back and Suzanna started to lose those feelings of uncertainty about him. She actually started feeling comfortable with him which was a big deal for her to trust another guy. When they made it back to her very small house, he got really close and started talking to her about how much he fancied her. She felt butterflies in her stomach. They held hands for a moment before he embraced her and hugged her. She thought they should head inside because it was getting cold outside and she wanted to show him she didn’t need to shower at the gym anymore.

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There was nowhere to sit except the bed so they sat there and kept talking into the night. Blane moved closer and started cuddling. Suzanna thought it might have been a bad idea to let him on her bed so soon to getting to now him but she really had no choice with the lack of seating.


She had finally had enough and told Blane he needed to go. He started to get angry and started saying things like “Hey baby, it’s ok, I’ll go slow” and “Hey, don’t be like that.” Suzanna finally stood up and told him to get out. Blane got mad, grabbed her by the wrist, and threw her on the bed. He scooted her dress up, tore off her panties, and forced himself into her. Suzanna tried to struggle but she knew deep down that there was no fighting Blane off of her. She had failed the last time this happened with her uncle.


She just lay there crying after it was over and Blane had left. She curled on her side and pulled the covers over her head and shut out the world. The next morning she woke up and felt sick to her stomach from the night before. The same bad feeling she had from when she met Blane was back however this time there was no keeping it down.


<<New Face in Town Expecting and the Unexpected>>


New Face in Town

October 6, 2009

After a long hard day at work. Suzanna was given a $5 raise and then promoted before she walked out the door. She was no longer just the coffee girl anymore, she was a filing clerk. Working so hard left her feeling grungy so she went to the gym to shower.

One of the employees stopped her when she came out of the shower. He told her she would need to find another halfway house to do her cleaning. She doesn’t come in there to work out or spend any money and they were tired of her mooching. She broke down into tears and explained her situation and how she needed a place to take a warm shower so she could keep her job and afford to move into an actual house. The man agreed to let her keep using the facilities on one condition; she had to go out to dinner with him. She agreed but she suddenly had a bad feeling in her stomach. She managed to hold down her lunch and she politly introduced herself. He shook her hand and said his name was Blane.


At dinner they talked about their lives. She told him all about growing up on a farm failed to mention anything about her uncle and why she moved to the city; he didn’t ask. He told her he had also recently moved here and lives with his two roommates Kevin and Jackson. This was the first hot meal she had eaten since she left home and she ate every bite of it. At the end of the night, she thanked him not only for the meal but for letting her shower at the gym. He went in for a hug and she felt obligated to hug back but she felt uneasy, she barely knew him. She said goodnight and went to call a taxi when he called back to her “I’ll be seeing you.” At that time she thought it was an evening pleasantry, she didn’t realize that it was actually a threat.


The next morning she read through the paper and found a coupon worth saving, it would give her 5 simoleons off potatoes. She wanted to get some so she could plant them in her garden.


She had several errands to run but decided to use her coupon first and buy her potatoes; she also got grapes and tomatoes to plant in her garden later when she got home.


While she was in the area she stopped by the library to check out a book her boss wanted her to read in order to put her in the running for a promotion. She loved reading but rarely got a chance to do it with all the work she was trying to do now to save up a house. She hoped to have a large library in her home someday. She found the book she had to read for her boss but on her way to a chair she found a book she had been reading at home before she left. She decided to sit and read that book for a while first.


Once finished with that book, she put it back on a shelf and found a quiet corner to sit and read where she wouldn’t be distracted because she had to focus on this. While she was sitting there reading, Blane showed up and sat next to her. She didn’t want to be rude so she allowed him to continue to sit next to her even though he made her feel uncomfortable. She decided that it would be best to keep to herself and just finish reading her book.


<<Guitar and Apples                            Bad Experience>>

Guitar and Apples

October 5, 2009

Friday night, Suzanna decided that she needed to spend her first paycheck on a bed. She wouldn’t be able to succeed at work without a full night sleep in a real bed. Although the delivery guy looked at her funny when he dropped the bed off in an empty lot, she explained that she was in the movie business and they would be blowing the bed up and needed the space. Once the guy heard that, he was less careful unloading the bed and even put a scratch in the headboard. She practiced her guitar before heading to sleep in the new bed.


That weekend, Suzanna spent time practicing her guitar in the park. That was the only thing she wanted to keep from her old life. She still wasn’t great at it, but she found nothing better than playing in the park with the fresh air and the wildlife around.


And if she stayed around long enough, people would leave their picnics on the ground. She only ate a few bites until she found a trail of ants heading straight for the basket. Since she hadn’t eaten much since she got into town, those few bites made her quite full.


As the days passed by, she kept practicing her guitar and working in her garden. She rationed with herself that plants would grow better if you talked to them, but the neighbors just thought she was crazy.


At the gym, she showered and got ready for the day. A blonde stranger came up to her and started chatting away. She felt a little sick to her stomach staring at the eyes of this man in front of her. She had grown up respecting people and didn’t want to just blow this guy off so she swallowed the knot in her stomach and listened politely until she found a chance to excuse herself. Suzanna couldn’t help but think about her tree and how her conversations with it were more enjoyable, the tree didn’t give her the creeps.


The next morning, she found all her conversations worked, she finally had paid off. She had nice juicy apples on her tree. She wanted to take some to the neighbors and rub her success in their faces but that would mean talking to people and she wasn’t really comfortable with that either so she just ate them with a large grin on her face.


<<Meet Suzanna Doyle                       New Face in Town >>

Meet Suzanna Doyle

October 1, 2009

Hello, My name is Emily Doyle, this is me:


Well, this will be me, technically I am not even born yet. I wanted to tell you the story about my family starting with my great great great grandmother, Suzanna Doyle.


She moved here from Pleasantview where she lived on a farm with her mother and father. Her uncle helped out on the farm and one night in the barn, he had been drinking and he started talking about how his wife looked just like her when they had met. He kept talking and kept drinking and then his mood changed. Now he wasn’t longing for his wife and the good ol’ days, but he was angry about how she left, he wanted to punish her. Suzanna was able to get away from him at first but he cornered her in a stall and forced himself onto her. He was calling out “Caroline, why did you leave me, Caroline.” Once it was all over, he passed out and she managed to get back to the house. Her parents were at the county fair in the next town and were unreachable. She cried in the shower and got dressed but could not shake the feeling of being dirty. A few hours later, she heard her uncle calling her from the barn. She knew she had to get away so she grabbed her guitar and left for the big city.

After weeks of walking, she found herself at Sunset Valley. It looked like a promising city for her to start a new life and put the past behind her.


Suzanna did not have enough money to get a place of her own but she was determined to have nothing to do with her family again so she would rather sleep on the streets until she could afford a place of her own than call and ask for help. She found an abandoned piece of undeveloped property that she was able to spend her last bit of money on. She would have to save up and build a house of her own and until then she would be homeless. She found a bench in the park that was covered by a tree and it looked like the perfect place to sleep for the night. The smell of violets helped put her to sleep.


When she woke up, her stomach started rumbling. She didn’t have any cash left so she kept her eye out for any signs of fruit. An apple tree in the park was ripe for the picking. She ate two apples and saved the rest for later.


 She wanted to spend the day exploring the city. She found the Doo Peas Corporate Tower was right down the street from where she slept. She wasn’t able to see it in the middle of the night. She was ambitious and had dreams of becoming a CEO of a company but she would never have an opportunity to do that in the small town of Pleasantville. After day dreaming for a minute she came to and saw a help wanted sign in the window. She thought it would be a slim chance that they would hire a shy girl from a small town, but they needed a Coffee Courier and they needed one NOW. She got the job and she starts tomorrow. The lady at the front desk was really kind to her and let Suzanna know that she should clean herself up before showing up to work the next day if she wanted to keep the job.


She headed back with her apples and decided to plant one and have a tree for later. She had a green thumb and her experience on the farm should be no problem for growing trees and having food in the future.


That night she slept in the park again and dreamed about her new life. When she woke up in the morning, she could smell that she hadn’t used a shower in days. There was a small run down gym in town that didn’t charge any fees to use. She headed for the shower and was pleased to use a real toilet for the first time.


At work, she realized how tough this new job was going to be. She had been somewhat of a loaner before but after what her uncle did to her, she had no trust for men. Being around people all day brought her mood down and she had a hard time making friends with her boss.

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