Suprise Wedding

November 2, 2009

Madison also aged into an adult that night and Mark decided to explain to her how he felt being around the Doyle house. He pulled her aside away from the party and filled her in with his situation.


He wasn’t very happy at home. He was a relatively grouchy person and his perky happy family just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Now that he was an adult, he wanted a change in his life. The first change he wanted was to be married but he didn’t want his parents to judge his decisions. He got down on his knee right them and proposed to Madison.


And she said yes.


Then he told her that he wanted to marry her as soon as possible and move out of the house. Surprisingly, Madison was also in a bind and agreed to marry him that night in a private ceremony.


They went back to the party and explained what they had done to their family. The taxi that brought Mark there had all his things in the trunk so he went home with Madison and didn’t have much contact with the family after that.


Bonus: Alex didn’t get to partake in the party. He got stuck on the sidewalk and kept smelling something bad and giving a face.


That happened over and over for hours and now I have to find a cheat to get him back home before he starts getting hungry and tired. Also, I told Alex to blow out the candles and age up and it asked about who was going to age up. I clicked Madison thinking that they would both age up with the one cake but only she did. Alex started going home and I found him in the street aging up so I just had to add it to the story like that. I tried!

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4 Responses to “Suprise Wedding”

  1. tipix7 Says:

    Aw yay! Hope to see lots of wedding pictures 😉

    Have you tried the resetsim cheat?

    • rhodetryp21 Says:

      Not yet, I’ve had a busy week. First getting the flu, then getting a new job, then spending time in the hospital for my grandpa so I haven’t had much time for sims lately. I did write down resetsim for next time I play though.

  2. Jordan Says:

    I absolutley love the legacy so far! Are you going to finish it? I bookmarked you, but it seems that you haven’t updated in a long time. Sooo…I’ll wait!! Hope the legacy gets running again!!

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