The Bachelor

November 4, 2009

Good Morning and Welcome to this season on The Bachelor. Today we have our bachelor, Johnathon. He is going to live in the mansion for the next week and hopefully meet the love of his life. He’s got his work cut out for him however; there are seven lovely ladies all battling for his affection.


The first day we encourage each other to get to know each other. We do not facilitate anything today; it’s all about the ladies getting to know Johnathon.

When the ladies arrived, Brenda and Angela started chatting about how nice the house was.


'Look at us; we're talking with our mouths closed.' 'Nice house eh?' 'Yeah, really nice, back off he's mine!'

Cassandra ran up to Johnathon’s room and invited him to play catch in the backyard. He agreed but then got distracted by Angela before they got outside.


'Wow, look at that thing on the wall.' 'Oh yeah, I see it…what is it?'

 Angela wanted to get to know Johnathon and stole him right away from Cassandra. Brenda started dancing in the corner with herself.


'I once had tickets to see Phantom Sim of the Opera, on ice!' 'Oh really? That's, um, interesting.'

As the group headed downstairs, Brenda thought it would be a good idea to change into her fancy gown and workout to the radio.


'Gotta look good if I'm gonna land me that Johnathon.'

 Angela pulled him aside to gossip before asking about his day. 


'Oh my gosh, did you see what she is wearing? Those shoes are so last season.'

About this time Gabriella and Eleanor started to notice that they didn’t get much chance to talk to Johnathon with Angela taking up all his time.


'Ugh, maybe we'll just have to get all up in her face and tell her to back off.'

After her workout, Brenda felt pumped and decided to chat with Johnathon. After that, she joked with him and got to know him a little better. Cassandra and Delilah played Sim Kart on the couch.


'So I said, Canon? I thought you said salmon!' Johnathon thought people might be getting hungry soon so he let the caterers know they could serve the meal now. 'Eww, salad?'

Gabriella met with Johnathon outside and they talked about the house and gossiped about the other girls.


'What a beautiful yard, have you seen this yard?' 'Yes, we're in it!'

Eleanor got bored waiting so she took a dip in the pool.


Com'mon Eleanor, cute guy and you go swimming by yourself? What are you thinking?

Francine started day dreaming on her bed.


'Mrs. Francine Bachelor, no wait, Mrs. Johnathon Bachelor'


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One Response to “The Bachelor”

  1. tipix7 Says:

    What a pick of traits! He really attracts the neurotic and insane simettes it seems…

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