The Bachelor

November 4, 2009

Later that night, Johnathon sat down to have a very healthy dinner of cookies.


Are the girls going to like you if you get all fat?

  And shortly after, the girls sat down for dinner after he left.


Girls! He sat there eating alone? How are you going to win him over like that?

Johnathon watched some TV while he waited for the girls to finish dinner and started feeling down about the whole thing.


'Aww man, none of these girls like me, they didn't want to eat with me.'

 As soon as Gabriella finished, she went to brighten Johnathon’s day.


'It's ok; I really like your shirt un-tucked like that. Do you like my bow?'

 It was getting late so Eleanor decided to hit the sack. She was followed by Cassandra, Francine, Delilah, Johnathon, and Angela shortly thereafter.


 Brenda stayed up to wash the dishes.


I'm just glad you decided to ditch the formal attire.

Then she trashed what was left of the dinner as it had started to smell.


Gabriella headed upstairs to play foosball with herself.


It's 2am, don't you think you need to get some beauty rest young lady?

Finally, at 3am the beds were full.



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One Response to “The Bachelor”

  1. tipix7 Says:

    What a pick of traits! He really attracts the neurotic and insane simettes it seems…

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