The Bachelor

November 4, 2009

First thing in the morning, Cassandra cleaned the toilet.


'I want Johnathon to see that I am good housewife material. Maybe he'll walk in and see me cleaning. Oh wait, his bathroom is upstairs.'

Angela shared her master plan with Johnathon. She thought it might be a risk sharing that with him but he got really excited about it.

'Really? You came up with a master plan just to get me? I'm so flattered!'

Delilah and Cassandra had a talk in the bathroom with Johnathon.


'Yes, you are so funny and smart. Oh by the way, did you notice how clean the toilet here in is?'

The stress of the morning of the first elimination must have gotten to our bachelor because he hit the bar pretty early.


Meanwhile, Angela and Francine were on the couch trying to figure out who he would eliminate.


'I bet he kicks Cassandra to the curb, she smells like a toilet!'

Who will the Bachelor choose and who will he send home, find out tomorrow on The Bachelor.


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One Response to “The Bachelor”

  1. tipix7 Says:

    What a pick of traits! He really attracts the neurotic and insane simettes it seems…

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