Gordon Loadsworth

October 13, 2009

Name: Gordon Loadsworth

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Traits: Couch Potato, Slob, Loser, Natural Cook, Clumsy

Goal: Reach the top of the sports career

Restrictions: Gordon may not select the “Workout at gym” option while at work

Difficulty: Easy

Bio: Eternal fan of at least 7 major sports, Gordon has more sports jerseys than he does regular clothing. This is partially because he likes sports so much, and partially because ‘normal clothing’ doesn’t come in his size. A lifetime of eating and watching sports on TV has taken a major toll on his body. Tired of being mocked for his lifestyle and look, Gordon has decided to turn over a new leaf and do the impossible. Rather than watch sports, he wants to be out on the field playing alongside them. Can Gordon do it?


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