The Bachelor

November 4, 2009

Welcome to the Bachelor!

This season’s Bachelor is Johnathon. He is a 25 year old that wants to be a Heartbreaker. Not entirely sure why he has chosen to settle down with one of our bachelorettes if he wants to be the boyfriend of 10 Sims, but perhaps he is working on number 10 and this will be the end of the line for him. He is easily excitable, flirty, friendly, a great kisser, and a hopeless romantic.

Let’s meet Johnathon’s┬áseven lucky ladies!

Angela wants to be a gold digger and is best described as absent minded, commitment issues, evil, mooch, and unlucky.

Brenda wants to be surrounded by family and is best described as technophobe, insane, heavy sleeper, family oriented, and ambitious.

Cassandra wants to be the leader of the free world and is best described as easily impressed, schmoozer, neat, hot headed, and good.

Delilah is best described as neurotic, hot headed, evil, coward, and charismatic.

Eleanor wants to be a five star chef and is best described as a vegetarian, technophobe, handy, neurotic, and excitable.

Francine wants to have a perfect garden and is best described as a vegetarian, perfectionist, insane, clumsy, and absent-minded.

Gabriella also wants to be a heart breaker and is best described as never nude, neurotic, mean spirited, good, and a great kisser.

Join us tomorrow when we see how the first day went and who will be eliminated first.


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